After a childhood in Buckinghamshire and Merseyside, I studied in Leeds, where I now live and work.

I like to photograph patterns in nature and man-made structures. I have ongoing obsessions with seedheads, trees, manhole covers, roof ridge tiles and lanterns. I am currently interested in the way a hostile environment contributes to beauty and character in the form of trees and plants, in the same way that hard times and emotional scars in human lives can lead to perseverance, character and hope.

Artist résumé:

My photographs have been used in cd art work and for projection in live shows. I have sold work in Europe and Japan directly, and also via the internet in Europe and the UK. My latest collaboration has been with Portuguese website, where I have been offering limited edition prints.

Cd and vinyl artwork for bands including Dakota Suite and De La Mancha 1996-2014.

Group exhibitions include: ‘Wilderness’ contemporary art exhibition. A group of artists working in a variety of media to explore the idea of wilderness in today’s world: Wesley Hall Methodist Church, Sheffield, UK. March-April 2010.

Solo exhibitions include: Cafe 164, Duke Street, Leeds, UK. February-March 2012.